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Shanti Lleone

Contact Information
Name: Shanti Lleone
Organization: Yemaja Music LLC
1231 e Randolph Ct, Apt D, Wisconsin, United States 53212
Cell Phone: 9178853113
Professional Certifications, Licenses and Services :

I am not a huge fan of shouting my spiritual history, so bare with me as I try to take a snapshot and make it presentable. I would so much prefer to focus on the work and on what you and I can do together, but I also understand that people (myself included) want to know more about who they will be sharing vulnerable space with. There are so many options for healing and I intend to do what I can for your comfort and feelings of safety. That includes prior, during and after the sessions. Your privacy, your energetic and protective space is most important to me. During your session we will have a protected sacred space where all will occur under the umbrella of what is for your highest good.

Ok, ok, so here’s a little bit about me:

I began exhibiting medium and channeling gifts around 2 years old when I would see Christ come into my room during nighttime prayers. I was able to see the spirits in restaurants and crossing the street and walking through our house. I had conversations with my passing relatives and was able to give messages to friends and family and never thought that it was anything different or unique from anyone else, until people started to react in ways that let me know that not everyone could do this.

I grew up in a spiritual community, so my gifts were not really unique or cultivated directly. But the environment allowed me to learn to work with the Light and energy from a very young age. And the various experiences of this community taught me about what integrity and humility by watching some of the internal power struggles that played out. It was a huge gift to see what ego-ic misuse of power looks like and the affects on others. This has colored the way that I function, with focus and intention on respecting your process and your right to practice free will.

I was exposed to many different modalities growing up, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Astrology, Yoga, meditation, Healing of Hands, Native American Practices, etc, and had a central focus on working with Christ Jesus and Mary although I deeply respect and work with many modalities that lead us to the great Divine Consciousness and Awareness. My beliefs do not need to be yours, for the sessions are about you and your growth and my job is to get out of the way and hold space for your healing, awareness and growth to occur through a clear channel.

I have had many conversion experiences that have drastically changed my life, where I have been challenged, brought close to death, tempted, and asked to make sacrifices. And each time has been accompanied by so many gifts and transformations. I am so grateful for these experiences and maybe if it is appropriate and for the highest good, we can share some of these in our working together.

I have had extensive training directly with a team of Ascended Masters which we call the Council of Light (or Light Council). Most of what I do is in partnership with the Light Council. However, I do carry the lineage and training as a Medicine Woman and Shaman (The Four Winds, Peru Andes lineage), High Priestess (Isis and Magdalene Temples), Ordained Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, Sound Healer (Globe Institute), Akashic records, Reiki Master (Edgar Cayce Institute), Yoga Instructor (Kaivalya Institute), Qi Gong, Ayurveda Wellness , Law of Attraction, Coach and Psychological Wellness, and Wisdom Keeper. I am trained in working with stones, grids and crystals, and numerous divination tools (I Ching, Runes, Tarot and Oracles and Shamanic Divination Stone throws).

I am continually learning and deepening my knowing and believe strongly that staying in a place of wonder and “not knowing everything” is vitally important. For, knowing all is an impossibility. And in our work, we do this work together. We work with the Masters and allow them to teach us through working for your highest intention. And it is a deep privilege to be in this sacred space with you. —Shanti

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