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Roxana Valea

Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, Author, Mindfulness Coach
Home Mallorca Spain Cell Phone: ‭+34 650484042‬ Home Phone: + 44 7979971717 Website: www.roxanavalea.com Website: www.sunrisetransformation.com

Professional Certifications, Licenses and Services

As a coach and healer I believe in a blend of approaches. We are beings that function at different levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic. For me, a comprehensive coaching approach needs to address all these aspects.

As a certified executive coach I work with clients at the mental – emotional level to determine how they can accelerate their progress, remove obstacles and build the life they want. As a Reiki Master and energy medicine practitioner trained in the tradition of the Peruvian Q’ero shamans I work with clients at the energetic and soul level. Here change become much easier as energy imprints embedded in the energy fields of clients and the negative patterns they create get cleared. With the assistance of various rites and specific energy medicine techniques I help raise clients’ vibration and restore balance and harmony within and without. 

As a passionate practitioner of mindfulness techniques I support clients in developing a practice of meditation and mindfulness exercises that help them conserve and expand their personal power. These practices are detailed in my book ‘Personal Power – Mindfulness Techniques for the Corporate World’ but their range of application expands much further than the corporate world. I hold a Master of Business Administration degree and have previously spent over 20 years building a career as a management consultant working for worldwide companies such as Apple, Sony and eBay. I’m passionate about bringing together the world of business and the world of energy.

I conduct treatments from my base in Mallorca, Spain and over the phone in the following languages: English, Romanian, Spanish, Italian

Qualifications and Degrees:

The Four Winds, USA – Energy Medicine Qualification 

Reiki Academy London, UK – Reiki Master 

Performance Consultants International, UK – Executive Coach Qualification 

Feng Shui Life, UK – Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Practitioner

SDA Bocconi, Italy – MBA – Master of Business Administration

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