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Mikayla Curti

Contact Information
Name: michela curti
Title: Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Coach
Organization: Raisin Health LLC
Miami, Florida, United States, Florida, United States
Cell Phone: 5613726071
Work Phone: 5613726071
Professional Certifications, Licenses and Services :

Mikayla is an Energy Medicine Practitioner who can help you thrive, rather than only survive via a very thorough approach to the mind, the soul, the energy body, the physical body, the nourishment and the heart. Mikayla combines her knowledge in Functional Medicine Nutrition, Energy Medicine and puts it to work for people to discover their true health, in a holistic and complete way. Her approach is geared toward the whole person and not just on the symptom or the malaise, thus offering clients true healing and empowering of their whole health. Mikayla offers a very unique touch of Holistic intuition to the scanning of each chakra and can detect without diagnosing, possible disbalances, offering a solution.
Mikayla has completed the rigorous Four winds Society Training, has attended the Institute of Functional Medicine, is a Registered Dietitian in both Italy and in the USA, having undergone the licensing in 2 countries. She is also a Certified Lactation counselor and Educator, Nutritionist in the UK and is helping people via consultations in English, Italian, Spanish, and French all over the world.

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