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Janet Stanley

Contact Information
Name: Janet Stanley
Title: Transformational Energy Weaver, Coach & Artist
Department: Founder
Organization: OpenHeart Healing
192 Wellington Street, South, Goderich, Ontario, Canada, Canada N7A 3T5
Cell Phone: 705-791-3779
Professional Certifications, Licenses and Services :

2010 Graduate of the Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body and Level 3 Causal Re-alignment Practitioner
As a Visual Artist, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Transformational Coach, my work is heart centered, intuitive and reflects my commitment to promoting peace within and for all. In addition to my formal Four Winds training, I am influenced by several shamanic healers including Dagara Elder Malidoma Some and Shona Elder Mandaza Kandemwa. I love working in the luminous energy field which I experience as fertile, magnetic and full of pure potential.
It is my honour and privilege to assist creative and talented business owners, healings arts practitioners, body workers and wisdom carriers in continually expanding their innate radiance. This happens naturally when negative patterns and limiting beliefs are released. Transformational Energy Weaving is powerful work and best suited to successful and passionate people who are open and ready to integrate and expand into a new level of consciousness.
Wishing everyone radiant health, abundant wealth and limitless love – Janet

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