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Jacqueline Spirnak

Contact Information
Name: Jacqueline Spirnak
Title: Shamanic Energy Practitioner
Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, United States 15017
Cell Phone: 412-721-5583
Professional Certifications, Licenses and Services :

Continued Energy Healing modalities becoming a Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner in 2021

Four Winds Society Light Body School Certified Luminous Healer and Shamanic Energy Medicine (2016)

She studied and received Shamanic Lineage Rites from the Q'ero Paqo Andino's of Peru and the Shamans of the Four Winds Society. Her studies are ongoing from teachers such as Q'anchi Altomisayoq Don Tupaq Ttito Kuntur and the Paqo Andinos of Allu K'anchaq Qoyllur, Q'ero Elders Don Francisco Chura Flores and Dona Juana Ccapa Apaza, Q'ero Don Mariano Quispe Flores, Victoria Johnson and Jorge Luis Delgado. She has made four trips to Peru to date working and studying with both the Q'ero and Q'anchi Paqo Andinos.  Jacqueline is  Medicine Misah carrier of the Hampi Khuya Khipu and the Chumpi Khuya Khipu as well as the N'usta Khuya Khipu.

Her on-going studies include attending two week workshops on the Hampi Enqa Kamayoq with Altomisayoq Tupaq Ttito Kuntur in the USA, and a 32 hour online intensive on the Hampi Enqa Kamayoq with Tupaq Ttito Kuntur in 2020.  In addition, in 2020 she has taken two 32 hour intensive classes on the Wisdom of the Chumpi's with Tupaq Ttito Kuntur and T'ito Qosnipa Kuntur, with the 3rd 32 hour intensive class scheduled for 2021 followed by an initiation in Peru as a Chumpi Khuya Khipu carrier.  In 2020 Jacqueline also took three intensive on-line course 20 hours each on the Inkan Prophecies and the Return of the Pachakutiy with Altomisayoq Tupaq Ttito Kuntur and T'ito Qosnipa Kuntur.

In 2021 she has continued intensive on-line classes on the Wisdom of the Mast'anas, Wisdom of the Apus, and the Wanuy Pacha - study of the secrets and mysteries of death in the Andean tradition. In 2022 she will continue her study of ceremonies and rituals taking a 9 month weekly on line intensive on the Nuna Nan Qallariy on the 33 codexes, 33 sacred teachings on the INKAN initiation practices to be used in her clinical practice. She will be initiated in October of 2022 as a Chumpi Khuya Khipu (Misha) carrier in Peru.

Jacqueline offers in-person as well as remote sessions.

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