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Carol Fieldhouse

Carol Fieldhouse
Contact Information
Name: Carol Fieldhouse
Title: Mrs
Organization: Refreshing Horizons
1 Sycamore Close, Sibford Gower, Banbury, United Kingdom OX15 5SB
Cell Phone: +447831 447746
Professional Certifications, Licenses and Services :

My services

My services are provided pretty much entirely remotely so are available to you wherever you are in the world with phone/internet consultations and an emailed report too.

If you'd like to find out whether you'd like to work with me then I'm happy to have a chat with you first to discuss your requirements and we can take it from there.

I absolutely love this work, it is always magical and a privilege to work with the wonderful people who are drawn to me. The timing is always perfect somehow and the changes can be very marked or gentle and slower - your spirit guides and mine make sure it is perfect for you.

About me

I live in the countryside called 'The Cotswolds' here in the UK with my husband, dogs, cats and chickens. The peace and quiet really helps me to concentrate and work deeply with spirit for the shamanic sessions.

My qualifications/experience

I have completed the following Andean Shamanic training

  • Four Winds Healing the Light Body (2005/6) and subsequently the Sage Programme (2007)
  • Four Winds Munay-ki five day training course in London with shaman Don Francisco
  • Jose Luis Herrera – several courses in traditional Andean Shamanic work
  • Carla Fox (
  • Stephen Victor, including Hellinger Constellation work

I am also

  • Advanced e-Lybra9 bio-resonance analysis and balancing practitioner
  • Registered Homeopath and CEASE Practitioner
  • Animal communicator and EFT practitioner

I also have a science degree and achieved Charter Membership of the British Computer Society for my work in Information Technology (my previous profession that I gave up in 2004 to follow my heart).

Online - appointments by Skype/phone/Zoom are highly recommended.

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