Kerri Hummingbird

Kerri Hummingbird

Austin, Texas, United States 78613

Butterfly medicine informs the work I do with clients. I help clients to transform their lives completely, leaving behind their conditioning and welcoming their deep desires, through the Reinvent Yourself training program. This program includes teachings, rituals, practices, tools, and guided healing. Clients work with me individually and as part of group training circles. Details can be found at

Illumination Healing: I practice the Illumination energy healing that I learned at The Four Winds Light Body, and integrate traditional use of tobacco, feathers and icaros that I learned through complementary pathways. I facilitate total body/spirit cleansing of chakra databases, meridian pathways, and DNA instructions. 1.5-2hrs in person or over the phone.

Inspiration and information: Check out the Soul Nectar Show podcast for interviews about spirituality and essence, and watch interviews in the Skills Not Pills Movement to learn how you can shift your life to health without drugs.

Four Winds Light Body School, November 2014
Sundoor Firewalk Empowerment Training, June 2014
Artist of the Spirit Coach Training, July 2015
Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator, October 2015

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One Year Program, PowerPath

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