Vicki Snyder-Young

Vicki Snyder-Young

481 Penbrooke Dr, Suite 3A Penfield, Webster, New York, United States 14526

Vicki is a Certified  Four Winds Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner . She also has a shamanic background in Core Shamanism, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, Rainbow Lineage of Chinchero Peru and Northern Indigenous Medicine  . Vicki’s mission is to be a bridge between Northern & Southern American traditions and to be in right relations and of service.

Vicki connects to angels, power animals, compassionate healing spirits and her ancestors to offer a healing like no other. With the power of her team you can experience soul healing on a different level. Obstructions, intrusions and unneeded emotional patterns can be removed. With the beat of the drum, shake of a rattle, scents of sage & Palo Santo, you will be cleared and illuminated.   Vicki uses techniques of  Core Shamanism, Andean Shamanism, Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy to offer an in-depth healing with feedback/reading.  As she goes into a shamanic journey, Vicki will perform an intuitive shamanic diagnosis for your healing needs.  Angels help heal on a cellular level to remove those patterns of negativity that get in the way on your life’s journey. This healing is all inclusive ~  psychic attacks/attachments may be handled as well so that you may have a fresh start on your path, void of those unseen obstructions to your success!!

Psychic Medium, HypnoRegressionist, Ignite your Light Life Coaching, Shamanic Energy Healer

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Phone: 585-354-6907