Thomas Zetterström

Thomas Zetterström

Sundsvall, Västernorrland, Sweden, Sweden

Graduated from the healing the light body school and the mentor program way of the sage in 2007

Munay-Ki with Four Winds and Don Francisco in Stockholm, Sweden 2007

Leading international journeys in Peru. Working together with Don Francisco and his family.

Offering medicine wheel teaching and advanced classes in Sweden and Europe. Sessions and mentorship program over phone, or zoom. All sessions and classes are offered in Swedish or English

Trained in Traditional northern shamanism

Registrated Nurse, experienced in ER, psychiatry and palliative care. Educated and experienced in the pharmaceutical industri. Holding the the energy medicine and western medicine in a well founded perception of non-separation.

Educated as a nurse in Palliative care, offers training as well as service in Dying Consciously

Reik and KarunaReiki Master. Trained sailor and outdoor survivalist.

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