Birgit Gentis

Birgit Gentis

Hohenfriedbergstraße 27, 10829 Berlin, Germany, Berlin, Germany 10829



  • shamanic energy practices & healing
  • systemic life coaching
  • systemic business coaching
  • visual-dramaturgical coaching for authors, artists, …
  • holistic health & nutritional coaching
  • house clearings
  • rite of the womb ceremonies
  • personal and global despatchos
  • fire ceremony on special request
  • group retreats on special request
  • in person as well as remote sessions
  • practicing  in german as well as english language



Certified by The Four Winds:

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner Certification

  • 300 h core curriculum – including shamanic detox/grow a new body diet

Certified by The Four Winds & Psi-Online:

Shamanic Live Journey -Shamanic Detox and Ancestral Therapy

  • More completed training courses with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds:
  • Energy Medicine (via Psi)
  • Dying and Grieving Consciously
  • Healing the Dark Side
  • Shamanic Dreaming
  • The Great Shamanic Initiation
  • The Power of Ceremony
  • Reading The Signs of Destiny
  • Diverse advanced training courses with certified The Four Winds teachers & practitioners Marcel Heyder and Elise Kost – completed as well as ongoing

Certified by Deutsche Stiftung für trad. chin. u. intergrative Medizin and Verband für intergratives Coaching e.V.:

Systemic Coaching Certification

  • 12 month training module (head lecturer Hartwig Marx, therapeutic coach)

Certified studies & trainings with Lumira Weidner, healer and nutrition expert:

Optimal Nutrition, Spiritual Healing

Certified studies & trainings with Dr. rer. nat. Katrin Lorenz, alternative medicine practitioner & shaman:

  • Kräuterrauch Magie – Westen
  • Angelica Archangelica Seminar
  • diverse shamanic practices, plant medicine, advanced smudging formats

Certified studies and trainings with Dr. Joe Dispenza:

  • Advanced Follow Up – Berlin 2019
  • Weeklong Advanced  – Toronto 2018
  • Weeklong Advanced – Berlin 2018
  • Online Progressive  – 2017

Certified by Dr. phil. Wolf-Dieter Storl at Forum Sempervivum

Naturopathy & Ethnobotanics full Education 2020

  • head lecturer: Dr.phil. Wolf-Dieter Storl
  • more lecturers: Dr. med. vet. Alexandra Nadig, Dr. rer. medic. Sarah Moritz, Pit German, Dr. phil. Ieva Ančevska, Dr. Florian Ploberger



Studies at IFOH – Institute for Osteopathy and Alternative Medicine (lecturers Jens & Hanne Edling):

  • alternative medicine practitioner / naturopath – german state certification


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