Caryn Murray

Caryn Murray

Westchester, IL, Illinois, United States 60154

Graduate, Four Winds Society, Healing the Light Body School and Dying Consciously Certified Teacher and Ceremony Holder

Certified Radical Remission Teacher and Certified Radical Remission One-on-One Coach, Mentoring Cancer patients

Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, 30- Hour Core Competency, Oncology Coaching Class, Guided Imagery Class

Level 2 Human Design Practioner for those who LOVE Astrology and want to go deeper!

Graduate, AIHT, American Institute of Holistic Theology, BS in Parapsychic Science

Akashic Records Teacher Training Certification with Dr. Linda Howe

Angelspeake Certified Teacher with Barbara Marx and Trudy Griswold; Fall in love with journaling and automatic writing

Imerman Angels Volunteer, One-on-One Cancer Mentor

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