Susana Sori

Susana Sori

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Susana Sorí is an innovative and resourceful agent for change with a warm and compassionate personal style. Successfully combining Life Coaching with Energy Healing, Susana takes Life Coaching to the next level, by helping her clients release what has been holding them back with shamanic healing and energy medicine, yoga, meditation and breath work.

Her personal spiritual quest deepened her roots in yoga mysticism and native healing paths. Established in the Q’ero healing tradition of the high Andes of Peru, Susana has also spent over four decades under direct guidance and mentorship of living masters of meditation, Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta, which has also qualified her to successfully support clients with challenging spiritual awakening issues and spiritual coaching.

She’s earned her place and trust with both disciplines, qualifying her to oversee yoga and meditation learning centers and offer workshops to the general public. “For over 30 years, the gift of both mentorships has been the ability to support the transformation and healing process of my clients and students at the deepest levels,” says Susana.

– Certified graduate of the Healing Light Body School in ‘Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine’ and of the advanced Master’s program ‘Way of the Sage’ from the Four Winds Society, 2006.

– Certified teacher of ‘Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey’ for the Institute for Energy Medicine, 2009.

– Certified master practitioner of Resonance Repatterning®, 1999 – a very effective process to create positive change in any area of our life. It is the experience of many that one Repatterning session is the equivalent of a year of psychotherapy.

– Certified teacher of Yoga, offering meditation and relaxation techniques for the last 30 years.

Susana Sorí’s clients range from executives to doctors to performers and artists. It is not a surprise that she has successfully re-birthed the creative spirit in her clients because as a creative person herself, she is well aware of ebbs and flows of creative energy and is able to ‘mid-wife’ breakthroughs and re-birth the creative spirit in artists, writers and any creative individual, no matter their profession. Visit

SpiritUnleashedTM is an approved continuing education provider (#50-12290) for healing professionals in social work, nursing, mental health, family counseling, nutrition and midwifery. She has taught in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, England, Mexico, Spain, and throughout the US. Visit:

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