Nina Mongendre

Nina Mongendre

Sault Haus 155 Hopewell Princeton Road Hopewell, New Jersey, United States 08525

It would be my honor to help you live your best life by releasing the entanglements of your lineage and rewiring your brain for resiliency and joy!

We will shine a compassionate light into the forgotten places of your psyche and of your lineage, experiencing how our wounds become our medicine.

The more we run away, the more uncomfortable we feel, as the saying goes, “what we resist persists”. In order to feel truly at peace with ourselves and the world, I have found that healing inherited trauma is extremely powerful and effective.

This is a partnership—just as the mountain guide cannot climb the mountain for you—my intention is for you to remain fully empowered in this work.

I offer 1-1 guidance and energy medicine sessions in person and remotely.
To book a free intro call, email me at or read more about my offerings and what to expect in a session here

I completed my Shamanic Energy Medicine Training with the Four Winds and am also trained in Healing Inherited Family Trauma and Neuro-Emotional Coaching.



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