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Maria Clara Castaneda

Mentor, Modern Day Shaman, Energy Medicine Coach Four Winds Society TeamSoul Strategies, Sessions & Ceremonies in English, German, and Spanish
Work Duesseldorf-Oberkassel Germany Cell Phone: +49 (0) 1757953145 Website: Maria Clara Castaneda

Professional Certifications, Licenses and Services

Graduate of the Light Body School. Teacher Assistant, Mentor and Academic Advisor at the Four Winds. Ambassador for Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s International School, The Four Winds Society and Los Cuatro Caminos in the US, Europe, South America and Mexico.

I have an active practice working with Energy Medicine, Rites of Initiations, and Ceremonies. As well leading women´s workshops.

work with clients internationally via email, phone, and Skype, as well as in person in Duesseldorf-Oberkassel Germany. Sessions and Boutique Ceremonies available in German, English, and Spanish .

I focus my practice on:

Coaching sessions: Orientation and mentoring

  • For those interested in personal growth
  • For Light Body school students

Shamanic Energy medicine clearing sessions

Soul Strategies: Weekend Workshops

Dying Consciously

Boutique Ceremonies:

  • Gratitude Ceremonies
  • Fire Ceremonies
  • Rites of Initiation in the medicine of the ancient Americas: Munay-Ki
  • Rites of Passage: a courageous leap into the unknown & Flourish into who you are.



How to create a life of abundance, passion and creativity: Exploring the Unknown

Using soul-healing work, she leads people into new situations. Often before taking such a leap, many of us feel insecure and fearful. Maria Clara provides a safe space where you can release the energy of the past, integrate your experiences, and leap freely with power, ease, and love.

These are the benefits:

You grow into your power and passion.
You access your talents and gifts.
You feel more satisfaction, peace, understanding and compassion for yourself and others.
You express yourself as a free creative being who can better nurture yourself and others
People value that she can deeply understand their situation and give them a safe, peaceful space where they can open up. She also helps people become more conscious and see themselves honestly.

Coaching & Energy Medicine Clearing Sessions

The highest journey in our life is like a hummingbird that flies and nurtures itself by drinking from only the most beautiful flowers.  Each year they embark in a round trip journey from Canada/Brazil/Canada. This little sweet bird have the ability to move in a high frequency and at the same time to be suspended in time and space while drinking the nectar, they can move up and down, and from one side to another. Intuition, responding to the calling to embark in a courageous journey, timelessness, movement, trust, and beauty are some qualities that hummingbird teach us and supports our soul journey.

We all go through experiences in our lives that cause us some harm. It can be things from past relationships, job situations, family situations, etc. Even though we may not be thinking of these old wounds anymore, and in spite of our best efforts to try not to let them affect us, we still carry around their heavy energetic baggage.

Then, like a hummingbird with a faulty GPS system, we fly with a non-functional map.

  • So how do we get ourselves back on track?
  • How can we find the most beautiful gardens and exquisite flowers we are seeking?
  • How do we make steady progress toward our goals?
  • How can we release what didn’t serve us anymore?

Shamanic energy healing work at the Soul level, it would not only repair the navigation system, also clean, update and download the last best version of our highest essence so we can access a much more convenient route for our journey, and instead of flying somebodies map, we can become mapmakers and create a life surrounded in beauty.

Shamans work at the Soul level, as much close to Great Spirit consciousness is 99% and matter 1%, shifting the energy in a higher consciousness level would takes less effort for better results. In general in our modern perception we learn to work mainly at the literal level, where matter is 99% and 1% consciousness, so in order to change a situation takes us huge effort to achieve a healthy energetic shift.

Shamans are able to journey in the non-ordinary reality and connect with spiritual guides, power animals, the power of nature, and ancient lineage of medicine men and women in order to support their clients and the community to heal and bring balance back in the ordinary reality.

As your Modern Day Shaman and Coach, I will support you with the following process:

  • Tracking the inner map – Interview
  • Clearing energy and Healing – Session
  • Living in a new map – Exercises to create new routes

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