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Mrs Carol AC Fieldhouse

Refreshing Horizons
Work Online - appointments by Skype/phone Work Shipston Therapy Centre 14 Market Place Shipston on Stour Warwickshire CV36 4AG United Kingdom Work Banbury Therapy Centre 69 Oxford Road Banbury Oxfordshire OX16 9AJ United Kingdom Cell Phone: +447831 447746 Website: Refreshing Horizons Website

Professional Certifications, Licenses and Services

I have completed the following Andean Shamanic training

  • Four Winds Healing the Light Body (2005/6) and Sage Programme
  • Munay-ki five day training course to be a mentor with shaman Don Francisco
  • Jose Luis Herrera – several courses
  • Carla Fox (www.farwalkersdestiny.com) courses
  • Stephen Victor courses, including Hellinger Constellation work

I am also

  • Registered Homeopath and CEASE Practitioner
  • Advanced e-Lybra9 bio-resonance analysis and balancing practitioner
  • Animal communicator and EFT practitioner

I also have a science degree and achieed Charter Membership of the British Computer Society for my work in Information Technology (my previous profession that I gave up in 2004 to follow my heart).


My trip to Peru in 2005 with The Four Winds completely changed me, and my life, forever. I realised when I got back that everything was the same but I wasn’t relating to it the same way any more!

Naturally, I signed up to do the Healing the Light Body training immediately!
What I loved about the training was the combination of ancient healing modalities with modern techniques to fully embed the changes achieved in the client’s life.

Generally one session will make a big difference so my clients tend to come back periodically when they feel stuck in some way with their health or life situations. (Often we move in to my advanced bio-technology sessions to make shifts alongside this too).

The responsibility and values that get embedded during the training, through personal work and receipt of the (now called “Munay-ki”) rites sit deeply in me now and inform my life as a whole.

Your shamanic healing session with me will take a couple of hours or so. Most of my clients receive remote healing work – it works really well and you don’t have the stress of travel that can detract from the session’s effectiveness.

We tune into the issue/s you wish to address and then I work on your energy field with the guidance of spirit guides. During the session you can relax or do gentle activities while I work. Afterwards, we talk again and I will probably give you homework to integrate the changes I have been guided to make to your energy field.

It is an experiential thing, very hard to put into words. At some deep level our bodies recognise the healing and understand it whereas our minds feel left out!

Give me a call for a free 15 minute chat to find out more http://www.calendly.com/carolfi/15min.

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